National Industrial Classification Code - NIC Code

National Industrial Classification Code - NIC Code

The National Industrial Classification Code is known as the NIC code. It is a similar statistical database for the development and maintenance of different economic activities. This code has been implemented by the Government of India to track how various industrial sectors are working towards the country's economic growth.

The United National Statistical Commission, Department of Policy and Promotion, revised NIC 1987 into NIC 2008. The government has specifically instructed all Indian companies to obey the 2008 NIC code.

With the international system, the NIC 2008 is more compatible. It allows the enforcement processes for enrollment to run smoothly.

Why the NIC Code is Important?

NIC code holds great importance in various important areas:

Udyam Registration: In India, it is mandatory for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to obtain MSME Udyam registration as per the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006. While registering, these businesses must provide the correct NIC code. This helps in accurately grouping and easily identifying different businesses.

Company and LLP Registration: If a business is applying for Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registration through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, it must include the relevant NIC code. This code plays an important role in classifying the type of activities carried out by the business. This makes compliance and data management a simple process.

These codes should be used by applicants and submitted for registration by their businesses. The NIC code list updated for your review is provided below.

Section A Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
Division 01 Crop and animal production, hunting, and related service activities
Group  011 Growing non-perennial crops
Group  012 Growing perennial crops
Group  013 Plant propagation
Group  014 Animal production
Group  015 Mixed farming
Group  016 Support activities for agriculture and post-harvest crop activities
Group  017 Hunting, trapping, and related service activities
Division 02 Forestry and logging
Group  021 Silviculture and other forestry activities
Group  022 Logging
Group  023  Gathering of non-wood forest products
Group  024  Support services to forestry
Division 03 Fishing and aquaculture
Group  031 Fishing
Group  032 Aquaculture
Section B Mining and quarrying
Division 05 Mining of coal and lignite
Group  051  Mining of hard coal
Group  052  Mining of lignite
Division 06 Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas
Group  061  Extraction of crude petroleum
Group  062  Extraction of natural gas
Division 07 Mining of metal ores
Group  071 Mining of iron ores
Group  072 Mining of non-ferrous metal ores
Division 08 Other mining and quarrying
Group  081 Quarrying of stone, sand, and clay
Group  089 Mining and quarrying n.e.c.
Division 09 Mining support service activities
Group  091 Support activities for petroleum and natural gas mining
Group  099 Support activities for other mining and quarrying
Section C Manufacturing
Division 10 Manufacture of food products
Group  101 Processing and preserving of meat
Group  102 Processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks
Group  103 Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
Group  104 Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
Group  105 Manufacture of dairy products
Group  106 Manufacture of grain mill products, starches, and starch products
Group  107 Manufacture of other food products
Group  108 Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
Division 11 Manufacture of beverages
Group  110 Manufacture of beverages
Division 12 Manufacture of tobacco products
Group  120 Manufacture of tobacco products
Division 13 Manufacture of textiles
Group  131 Spinning, weaving, and finishing of textiles


NIC code, also known as National Industrial Classification Code, plays an important role in the economy of India. It gives a clear structure for organizing various economic activities. Following the NIC code makes things more transparent, helps in government schemes and helps businesses to boost the country's economy. Whether it is obtaining Udyam registration or starting a company, using the correct NIC code is essential for smooth business operations in India.

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